Electronic Auto Body Repair Salt Lake City

auto-enthusiastsI run an auto body repair Salt Lake City. My shop works on all kinds of cars and trucks with all kinds of problems. Unfortunately, fixing the cars and trucks are not the only kind of problems I have to deal with on a daily basis. No, in addition to fixing damaged cars and trucks I also have to manage the people who work for me. Case in point: Jimmy G a technician working for me got into a heated argument with Bobby B, another technician in my employ.


Jimmy G came up to me the other day and told me that electronic modules within twelve inches of a weld must be removed. Now at the time I was sitting at my desk figuring out payroll. I had no idea why he felt the need to burst into my office to make this declaration. But I have worked with Jimmy G for a long time and have known him to be a guy that calls it like he sees it and tells it like it is. So I was willing to hear him out. But before I could ask my follow up question Bobby B burst into my office yelling that Jimmy G was wrong and that an electrostatic discharge strap should be worn when handling electronic modules.

Jimmy G and Bobby B are both valued employees. They do tend to get into stupid arguments from time to time but I think this has more to do with clashing personalities rather than different opinions as to automotive knowledge. It took me a while but I managed to smooth things over between them. After a half an hour of talking it through I got them both to admit that their statements were not mutually exclusive and that in a sense they both were right. These are the types of things I have to deal with in my repair.