Hardtop vs. Soft Top: Which Jeep Top Hoist Is Best For Your Jeep?

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jeep top hoist

 One of the hardest decisions that all jeep owners have to make is deciding between a soft top or a hard top for their jeep when making a purchase. Perhaps you’re one of those people thats currently deciding. Whether the top on your jeep needs to be replaced or you’re buying a brand new jeep, with so many options available for you, making a decision on which top is better can seem completely impossible. That’s why today I will outline the main benefits of both hard top and soft top jeeps and what they both have to offer. This way you’ll be able to see what parts of each are most appealing to you. If you want the best of both worlds, then you should definitely consider a hard top and now with the Jeep top hoist the removal process of a hard top is easier than ever.

Hard Top Benefits

Better protection –with a hard top you will get better protection from the outside weather such as snow, rain, and hail storm.

Durability – a hardtop can last much longer than a soft top can, it can last for the life of your vehicle.

Storage space- with the hardtop you can carry all types of gear on top, you can also install racks for bikes and other outdoor gear.

Security– hardtops are less likely to get broken than soft tops.


A hard top on your Jeep can give you better protection from bad weather such as hail storms. You won’t have to worry about rain, snow, or the hot sun  getting in and ruining your parade. Also with a hard top, you won’t be able to hear the outside noises as much while driving especially when you’re driving on the freeway, so you can bump your favorite music with peace and quiet.

Another benefit of purchasing a jeep with a hard top is that the lifespan of it is much longer than a soft top, which usually can last for the life of your jeep. While a soft top can be cheaper and less of an investment upfront, a soft top will usually require a new replacement every few years and that can end up costing you more than just purchasing a jeep with a hard top in the first place. Purchasing a jeep with a hard top will give you guaranteed quality for a long time.

Another great perk of having a hard top is having the capability to get more use of your roof. You can attach all kinds of stuff on the top as well as install a rack for things like kayaks, bikes, and other fun outside toys. You can even get a tent for your hard top and use it while you camp. All these possibilities are a great reason to buy a hard top for your jeep.

Really the only main downside of owning a hard-top jeep is the whole removal process if you are wanting to go topless for the warm weather and when you want to feel some fresh air. But luckily for a new invention called Jeep top hoist, the hard top removal process is now easier than ever and can take only a few minutes with the help of this tool.