The Tote Pump is the Best Auto Resource

In this blog post the Best Auto Resource Blog (B. A. R. B.) would like to take some time to talk about the tote pump and how it qualifies as the best auto resource. Before we engage in this analysis let us first establish that this particular piece of equipment is an auto resource in the first place. In order for a piece of equipment to qualify as an auto resource it must be demonstrated that said piece of equipment is an asset that can be drawn upon by an auto in order to function effectively. This demonstration can be accomplished rather quickly.


As a demonstration that a pump is an auto resource consider the following. Autos are comprised of many parts, some of which happen to be pumps. Because autos require its component parts to both exist and function effectively it can be logically concluded that a pump is an auto resource. The question remains, however, as to whether a pump is the best auto resource and not just a good auto resource or an auto resource of some other level of importance. Fortunately it is also a somewhat simple task to establish the pump as the best auto resource.

In order for a component part of an automobile to be considered the best auto resource it must be convincingly argued that without said component part the auto would function less efficiently than it would without any other part. Without getting into the details of the process, the B. A. R. B. ran a series of tests involving every single part that makes up the typical auto. One by one we removed each part and then measured the efficiency of the auto as it ran without that specific part. The tests convincingly demonstrated that the pump was in fact the best auto resource.

The Wendover Fun Bus is Your Best Auto Resource

The results are finally in and we are now in the august position to announce that the Wendover Fun Bus is in fact your best auto resource. Of course there are many auto resources to choose from and sometimes it can be difficult to determine how one auto resource compares to another auto resources. Accordingly, we have a series of standards by which we rate any one particular auto resource. Yes, these standards are somewhat arbitrary but we have to go by some measure or else how would we ever justify the very existence of this blog?

The St George Shuttle Is Not Your Best Auto Resource By Implication

If any one auto resource is determined to be the best auto resource then by implication any other auto resource is less than the best auto resource. Therefore, even though an auto resource is perfectly good in its own right it quite simply cannot be the best auto resource if another auto resource happens to occupy that position. In this politically correct era we want to say that every auto resource is the best so as not to offend the sensibilities of any one auto resource or another entity that might be sensitive to that auto resource’s feelings.

Obviously, if we were to cater to these politically correct sensibilities we might as well shut down this blog and call it a day. The Best Auto Resource Blog was founded upon the principle that it is in fact possible to determine which auto resource is the best. This, in turn, requires us to compare auto resources with each other in order to determine which auto resource is better than the other. Such is the way of the world. There is something pleasant about the thought that every auto resource is equally good. But this goes against our direct experience of the world.

Your Best Auto Resource is a Shuttle From Salt Lake City to Park City

Today, your best auto resource happens to be a shuttle from Salt Lake City to Park City as a mode of transportation. This happens to be your very best auto resource because there is no better auto resource among all the other auto resources available. The question is why is there no other auto resource that is as good or better than then one mentioned in the first sentence of this paragraph. There could be many possible answers to this question. Finding the best answer to this question will be the chief aim of this blog post.


Unfortunately this means that Park City transportation is not your best auto resource at this point in time. This by no means should be taken to mean that Park City transportation is an inferior auto resource from an objective stand point. It simply means that when a shuttle from Salt Lake City to Park City is compared to Park City transportation, the shuttle from Salt Lake City to Park City happens to meet more of the requirements used to measure this sort of thing than does Park City transportation.

At this point in the blog post we have still not yet answered the question as to why there is no better auto resource than the one mentioned in the first sentence of the first paragraph of this particular blog post. To answer this question we must ask ourselves (and quickly now because we are half way through the final paragraph of this blog post) just what are the criteria used to determine the best auto resource. This of course is no easy question to answer in the space remaining. As such it must be the subject of a blog post subsequent to this one.

The Drum Pump / Automotive Advertising Connection

There is a surprising connection between the drum pump and automotive advertising. This connection although surprising is not so easy to explain. Moreover, it probably would not be easy to explain within the confines of a three hundred word blog post. Alas, that being said that is the task that my editors have tasked me with. For that reason there is not another word to waste seeing as this first paragraph has been largely taken up with explaining why this task must be performed rather than explaining the problem itself. Such is the spirit of this problem and such is the matter that must be contended with.


For the purposes of this blog post let us make the assumption that drum pumps and tote pumps although different are close enough to be considered the same thing. Therefore, whether we are talking about a drum pump or a tote pump we know that a connection exists between pumps (let us say) and automotive advertising. This connection essentially revolves around the fact that automobiles are composed of various parts some of which would fall into the general category of a pump. Although pumps might be used in the construction of automobiles, this does not necessarily mean that there is a connection between pumps and automobile advertising.

Nevertheless, this connection does exist and we shall attempt to use this last paragraph to establish the parameters of this connection. As consumers of advertising, we (myself and all the readers included) are not aware of pumps being displayed in any capacity in any sort of automobile advertisement. However, we know that the pumps exist within the automobiles displayed in the advertising. The question remains whether this is enough to establish a connection that is worth writing a three paragraph blog post about. The answer is apparently, Yes.

Charter Bus Companies Make Sense in 2018

Many Best Auto Resources readers are coming to the logical conclusion that charter bus companies make sense in 2018. Best Auto Resources readers are people that need to get from one place to another. But they do not just want to get from one place to another in an ordinary manner. They want to get from one place to another in comfort, convenience and safety. In other words they want to be transported in a comfortable manner. They want a convenient mode of travel that takes all the hassle out of transportation. And finally they want the transportation to be safe transportation.


The loyal readers of the Best Auto Resources blog know how uncomfortable, inconvenient, and (let’s be frank) unsafe it can be to transport themselves all of the time. Being responsible for your own transportation is uncomfortable because driving requires the driver to maintain the same position for a prolonged period of time. As the human body ages this can become more and more uncomfortable. It is for this reason that making use of a charter bus service can be a more comfortable experience. Moreover, being responsible for your own transportation is inconvenient because when you drive yourself you have to figure out directions, where to park and if you have been consuming alcoholic beverages you will have to worry about transporting yourself back home in a safe manner. All these worries go away when you make use of a charter bus company as opposed to driving yourself. Furthermore, being responsible for your own transportation can be less safe than making use of a charter bus company. This is especially true when the destination involved will be hosting an event where alcoholic beverages will be consumed. But again, making use of a chartered bus service will take care of all of these issues.