Following Up With Mr. Sackman

It has been one week since Mr. Sackman executed his unintentional Canada goose mascacre on the Apex Peakway and I just thought that I would check in with him and see how he has been holding up. Bob, how are you doing?   BS : Surprisingly I am doing much better. Although I felt kind of guilty at the time… Read more →


The Newest and Perhaps Final Sign

The newest sign is up and reads, “TREATMENT IS NOW COMPLETE! STAND TALL & CONTINUE YOUR JOURNEY WITH FAITH, HOPE & ALL OUR LOVE!” At the bottom of the sign is a smiley face. Does this mean that there will be no more signs to follow?   SM : I cannot say that. The sign thing really took me by… Read more →


A Conversation with a Sign

Tell me, what is it like to be a sign?   S : Life for signs and banners is not that interesting from the standpoint of action. We don’t physically do all that much. However, it is interesting from a sort of Zen perspective that by doing nothing we actually do quite a lot.   I don’t understand.   S… Read more →