Types of Vehicle Insurance

If you operate a vehicle in Salt Lake City it is very important (and legally required) to have adequate insurance. Without insurance if you have a car accident you may face steep repair costs in an auto body repair shop, a hospital or a court room. The following is a brief and general overview of typical types of insurance coverage available for vehicles in the United States. Keep in mind, terms of specific policies will vary between different insurance providers and the laws governing insurance coverage also differ from state to state.

Bodily Injury

Bodily injury liability provides coverage for damages to another person’s physical body resulting from a car accident. Typically, a bodily injury insurance will cover medical costs and tort liability up to a limit set by the policy. Many state2-collision-repair-advertisements require bodily injury coverage for all vehicle operators.


Collision insurance will cover losses related to collisions with other vehicles and is optional in most circumstances. Collision insurance covers the cost of repairs or replacement costs if the vehicle is totaled.

Comprehensive Coverage

Comprehensive coverage covers losses that result from theft, fire, flood, vandalism or other causes not associated with a collision.


Liability or “casualty” insurance covers bodily injury or property damage caused by a car accident for which the insured driver is responsible. This coverage will cover direct expenses (repair and medical bills) as well as tort liability.

Loss of Use

A loss of use policy will provide monetary reimbursement for costs associated with rental expenses while your vehicle is being repaired provided the damage being repaired was covered by the policy.

Property Damage

Property Damage covers damage to another person’s property. This can apply to a vehicle or other structures located on their real property damaged in an accident (e.g. a mailbox or fence).

Uninsured or Underinsured Motorist Coverage

Uninsured motorist insurance covers losses in situations where the party responsible or at fault for damages resulting from a car accident does not have insurance or has insufficient insurance to cover the loss. Uninsured motorist policies typically cover costs associated with vehicle repairs as well as medical bills for the insured.




carAlthough a necessary expense, financially speaking, a car is not a good investment. This is true because a car will depreciate in value immediately after it is purchased and will continue to depreciate the older it gets. The specific amount of depreciation will vary from car to car but probably the most important factor to determine the amount of depreciation and the rate at which a car will depreciate is whether the car is new or used. Both new and used cars depreciate; however, new cars will depreciate much faster than used cars.

This depreciation will occur in a generally predictable manner. Typically, new cars depreciate 20% by the end of the first year after purchase. The moment a person drives a new car off the lot it becomes a used car and after this transformation approximately 10 percent of its value will evaporate. By the end of the first year after purchase, that same car will depreciate an additional 10 percent on average. Less popular models with fewer bells and whistles tend to depreciate more than popular models with additional features, sometimes loosing 50 percent of their value in many cases. Typically, new cars lose value for four years after the first year after purchase, ranging from 15-25 percent per year. All told, new cars tend to lose 60 percent of their original value by the fifth year after purchase. Purchasing a relatively new used car will avoid the first-year rapid depreciation, but even used cars depreciate over the first five years after purchase.

Obviously, there are many factors that determine how much any one particular car will depreciate over a given period of time. If you are buying a used car in Salt Lake City you may want to use a car depreciation calculators available on the internet. These calculators may help you to decide whether one car is a better purchase than another.

Tips for Buying Used Cars Salt Lake City

Looking for a new car, at a used car dealership in Salt Lake City, can be a stressful task, if you aren’t prepared. Buying a used car can be an even more stressful experience. Purchasing a car is considered a high stress purchase due to the high expense.  Here are some tips to know when looking for your new/used car, they may seem like common knowledge, but are helpful to be aware of.

Have a Budgetcar

First, you’ll need to figure out how much car you can afford. Having a budget in mind will make your car shopping experience faster and more efficient. Looking at car after car can become tedious, but if you have a budget in mind, you can eliminate the cars that are out of your price range.

What are Your Wants and Needs?

Second, you’ll want to make a list of your wants and needs. What seating do you require? Do you need four wheel drive? What engine size are you looking for? Do you need in vehicle GPS? There are many more questions to consider, but having a small list will be helpful in your car search. Once you figure out the features you require in a vehicle, narrowing down possible car options will make your shopping experience much more enjoyable.

Know the car Historycarsforsale

Third, it is also a good idea to ask questions about the car’s history. Used cars are different and have unique history, some better than others. We will be happy to answer any questions to the best of our ability. You can also go online and get the car facts for the vehicle you are interested in.

Take it for a Test Driveform-test-drive

Fourth, it’s important to test drive the car or cars you are interested in. Most used cars Salt Lake City dealerships are happy to accommodate those with a current and valid driver’s license. Most only ask that you treat their cars with care and respect so that they can continue to allow others to test drive the vehicles on their lot.

Before you go to a, Salt Lake City used car dealership, it’s recommend you do some research about the car you are interested in. It‘s always helpful to know the basics about the car your looking at before you test drive it. Doing some minimal research about your car before hand, will make you a more informed shopper. Here are some suggestions of things to research before going to the dealer. Look for reviews on the vehicle you’re interested in. Researching the car’s fuel economy is another good buyer tip.

Pre-Purchase inspection

It’s also a good idea to have a pre-purchase car inspection conducted. It’s usually low cost and time effective. You can take the car to a trusted mechanic for a thorough inspection or request a mobile inspection. A private party will probably allow you to do this without much resistance, but if you are purchasing your car through a dealer, it might not be as easy.

Being an informed buyer will help you make good buying decisions. Instead of buying on impulse, you will be able to walk away from your car shopping experience feeling satisfied and confidant about your purchase.

Most Important Places to Have Your Collision Repair Advertising

2-collision-repair-advertisementWhen you own a shop nowadays, it’s not enough to simply put “collision repair Salt Lake City” on the side of your garage. You really need to focus more on advertising as the competition is always there and people need to be able to find you by more ways than happening to drive by your garage. The 21st century has provided some great new opportunities by which to be able to reach people and has solidified the need to stick with some of the tested and tried approaches as well. Below are 5 places/ways you need to be advertising your collision repair shop (or any auto repair shop for that matter).

2-online-marketingWe’ll tackle some of the greatest and latest first.

  1. Mobile Advertising. When someone’s in an accident today, the majority of people have a cell phone on which they call the police/ambulance to come to the site of an accident. With their cell phone in their hand, it is important that your shop shows up as a trusted source of where they can have their vehicle repaired. You need to be sure that your website is mobile optimized (able to be viewed on mobile devices) and that your site is ranking for mobile searches. You can also design mobile ads to be displayed on sites and within aps.
  2. Online in general. You need to have a website and it needs to be optimized for local search engine searches. You want to be showing up when people are searching for collision repair and you can be in both the organic (natural) searches as well as the pay per click locations. While it sounds easy enough, it usually does involve some deeper work to make sure that you site displays highly, but the work is well worth it.

2-Offline-MarketingThe tried and true methods.

3.Insurance agents/agencies. Do everything you can to form a relationship with agents and agencies. The person in the vehicle accident will first call for help/police/ambulance. Then family and then most often their insurance agency. If you’re already listed as a trusted provider, they can recommend the member to start right off by having you tow the auto or at least give them a quote to repair the damages. How much closer to the scene of the accident can you be than by forming relationships with insurance agents/agencies. Be sure to not forget about the independent agents as they will often have more of an ability to recommend someone than the big National agencies.

4.Dealerships. Yes, many dealerships have service departments, but very few of them actually do any collision repair work anymore as it often isn’t as cost effective as other services they can offer, according to bodyshopbusiness.com. By creating a relationship, and even better an exclusive one, you can have a great connection with customers through trusted association with the dealer. What a great introduction to be recommended by the dealer.

5.Print. Yes, print is still alive….kind of. Back in our day…. print was king and it still can get a great response. There are still some of us that use the phone book, but even more than that you want to try to be utilizing direct mail or co-op mailings where you can mail your coupon or biz information out to your targeted locations/zip codes and have your information there when they need you. Solo mailing is not as useful, unless your offering every day services like oil changes, but by utilizing co-op mailings, whether it’s a calendar or another type of mailer, you want to choose one that will give the ad more stickiness and people will more likely keep it around for they do need it.

2-online-and-offline-marketingThere you have it. 5 of the best places that you need to be advertising and creating relationships in order to get in front of users eyes. Be sure to use a mix of old school methods and new technologies to reach people on all fronts. Utilize these channels and you’re sure to succeed.

What Can We Learn From The Best Super Bowl Car Ads from 2015

You can learn a lot by finding out what ads have done well in the past. You must take into account certain celebrities, catch phrases, or world events that might made the advertisement perform well at one time and not another, but often you can gain some powerful insights. What better way to do this than explore some of the most expensive advertising in the US. The infamous Super Bowl commercial.

Now if you’re like us, sometimes you have to admit that you’re watching the Super Bowl because of the commercials. We love our football, but there certainly have been some epic advertisements that were given birth at the Super Bowl and quite honestly, we don’t always walk away thinking of the car commercials. This year it was a bit different. The number one commercial that stood out to us was “The Fiat Blue Pill”.

While not a commercial that you may be wanting to discuss with your child or grand-child, it was a hilarious take on “real life” issues in a fun loving way. We were delighted to see it.

Another winner in the car category was the Nissan ad – “With Dad.

No matter what your take on Nascar racing, you can’t help but get drawn in emotionally in this story of a dad having to spend so much time away from home to provide for his family and then finally hanging up the danger in order to be there for his family…. as well as driving a supped up Nissan!

Our third favorite car ad during the 2015 Super Bowl was good ol’ Pierce Brosnan showing the action packed prowess of a…. Kia Sorento?

We loved seeing Pierce be able to have some fun with himself and his iconic stature as an action hero. While we may not fully feel the action packed status of the Sorento, Kia did a great job of connecting with the adult crowd and conveying the idea that the Sorento is more than

What can we learn from these advertisements? Get away from features and simple benefits and create stories where your autos will reside. Reach people emotionally and you can connect your auto with a deeper part of them than just the features/benefits you’re offering.

Best Way to Prepare To Sell A Used Car

Looking to Sell A Used Car? Here’s the Best Way to Prepare To Sell A Used Car.

The video above from Goss’ garage does a great job of sharing some helpful tips for getting ready to sell any used vehicle. Below is a rundown of the tips they mention as well as a couple of extras that we added to help you prepare to sell your used vehicle.  Just remember to have a back-up for the car you’re getting rid of or otherwise you’ll be surprised using a car service like actonelimoflorida.com.

  1. Keep records and make them look good. This part starts as soon as you get your vehicle. Right from the start of your ownership you should be keeping track of all work done on the car, as well as when that work was done. This work should include any routine maintenance, from changing the oil up to the more important tune-ups and of course any damage that needs to be repaired. Also be sure to keep the said information in a sharp looking tidy binder or folder. This reflects your care for your vehicle just as much as the maintenance itself.
  2. Determine whether to make repairs or note the issues. Many times you may be selling a vehicle in need of repairs. You must determine how much money you want to put into preparing your vehicle for the sale and determine the value ratio that makes sense. You may want to simply feel good knowing that everything is fixed, or you may do the math and realize that even repairing some items will make very little difference in the selling price and you are therefore best off leaving it for the new owner.
  3. Clean the car professionally. Make it a Standout. Don’t simply throw some soap suds on it and wash it with the house hose. Take the time to either do a very thorough detailing job yourself or even better take it to a professional to have it detailed. What’s the difference between a detailing job and a regular car wash? Well on one hand, it’s simply a focus on detail. Detailing your car means checking every nook and cranny for accumulated dirt, dust, grime, food, or other debris and removing all of it.
  4. Take good pictures . Don’t go the easy route here and just snap an oncoming shot of the car from the front. Ads with more pictures almost always outperform ads with fewer pictures. Be sure to include photos of both the general items (doors, bumpers, front, back, etc) as well as more specialty items (florescent lighting, rims, stereo system, etc.) to hit those that are interested in the more generic aspects of the vehicle and those interested in more of the specialty items.
  5. Determine the Price. Knowing that you want to sell a vehicle and what you paid for it are only the first steps. You need to see what others are paying or at least advertising the same or similar vehicle for. While you can look at classifieds in the paper or online to see what others are asking, it’s best to go to the “pros” and see what they think your vehicle is worth. One of the great aspects about this type of research is that most of it can be done online. Here are 3 of the top “bluebook” type services online that will allow you to know what the going rate is for your vehicle. http://www.kbb.com/, http://www.nadaguides.com/, http://www.edmunds.com/
  6. Advertise the deal. Now that you know your price and have the car ready to go, get that information out there. Utilize both online and offline services to help you sell your car and be sure to upload all important information including photos!
  7. Deal with others honestly. Be ready for the phone call or email. Put together a list of the high points of the vehicle as well as any issues you want the possible new owner to be aware of. Don’t oversell or undersell the vehicle, but let it sell itself. Don’t describe the vehicle as much better than it is or downgrade big issues too much as that can lead to a very uncomfortable meeting when they come to see the vehicle.
  8. Road tests. Generally the prospective buyer is going to want to drive the vehicle and see how it handles on the road. Be prepared for this as well as to ride with them. Don’t let them hand you some kind of collateral that will do very little if the car is stolen or damaged. Actually ride in the vehicle with them. You can point out some of the highlights of the ride and the prospect will be more likely to drive safer with you in there with them.
  9. Paperwork and transaction – Now that the agreement is set, be ready for the paperwork. Be sure you have a clean title to hand over to them and be sure to accept only Certified check, as all others can be stopped and you may not know if they clear. Also, be wary of the guy with a bag or handful of cash depending on your selling point as you can’t guarantee it’s authenticity.

Keep these 9 tips in mind as you prepare to advertise and sell your used auto and you are going to be well on your way!