Dirt Nibs

I work in an auto body repair shop in Salt Lake City. There are two auto painters who work under me whom I supervise. One is named David and the other is named Bobby. Yesterday the two of them were working on a Crown Victoria that required a repaired metal frame to be repainted. I thought everything was going fine… Read more →


Road Trip Adventures

I am now going to tell you the story about how my wife and I found ourselves sitting in the lobby of an auto body shop in Salt Lake City. There is a little bit of background information I need to lay out before we get to that point but don’t worry. I will get you there. So we planned… Read more →


Warranty 101

People in need of an auto body repair shop in Salt Lake City should only use auto body shops that offer a full and written warranty for their repairs. What does “warranty” mean in this context? Very simply, a warranty is a guarantee or promise made by the auto body shop to its customer that their work will actually fix… Read more →



  Although a necessary expense, financially speaking, a car is not a good investment. This is true because a car will depreciate in value immediately after it is purchased and will continue to depreciate the older it gets. The specific amount of depreciation will vary from car to car but probably the most important factor to determine the amount of… Read more →

Tips for Buying Used Cars Salt Lake City

Looking for a new car, at a used car dealership in Salt Lake City, can be a stressful task, if you aren’t prepared. Buying a used car can be an even more stressful experience. Purchasing a car is considered a high stress purchase due to the high expense.  Here are some tips to know when looking for your new/used car,… Read more →