Hardtop vs. Soft Top: Which Jeep Top Hoist Is Best For Your Jeep?

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jeep top hoist

 One of the hardest decisions that all jeep owners have to make is deciding between a soft top or a hard top for their jeep when making a purchase. Perhaps you’re one of those people thats currently deciding. Whether the top on your jeep needs to be replaced or you’re buying a brand new jeep, with so many options available for you, making a decision on which top is better can seem completely impossible. That’s why today I will outline the main benefits of both hard top and soft top jeeps and what they both have to offer. This way you’ll be able to see what parts of each are most appealing to you. If you want the best of both worlds, then you should definitely consider a hard top and now with the Jeep top hoist the removal process of a hard top is easier than ever.

Hard Top Benefits

Better protection –with a hard top you will get better protection from the outside weather such as snow, rain, and hail storm.

Durability – a hardtop can last much longer than a soft top can, it can last for the life of your vehicle.

Storage space- with the hardtop you can carry all types of gear on top, you can also install racks for bikes and other outdoor gear.

Security– hardtops are less likely to get broken than soft tops.


A hard top on your Jeep can give you better protection from bad weather such as hail storms. You won’t have to worry about rain, snow, or the hot sun  getting in and ruining your parade. Also with a hard top, you won’t be able to hear the outside noises as much while driving especially when you’re driving on the freeway, so you can bump your favorite music with peace and quiet.

Another benefit of purchasing a jeep with a hard top is that the lifespan of it is much longer than a soft top, which usually can last for the life of your jeep. While a soft top can be cheaper and less of an investment upfront, a soft top will usually require a new replacement every few years and that can end up costing you more than just purchasing a jeep with a hard top in the first place. Purchasing a jeep with a hard top will give you guaranteed quality for a long time.

Another great perk of having a hard top is having the capability to get more use of your roof. You can attach all kinds of stuff on the top as well as install a rack for things like kayaks, bikes, and other fun outside toys. You can even get a tent for your hard top and use it while you camp. All these possibilities are a great reason to buy a hard top for your jeep.

Really the only main downside of owning a hard-top jeep is the whole removal process if you are wanting to go topless for the warm weather and when you want to feel some fresh air. But luckily for a new invention called Jeep top hoist, the hard top removal process is now easier than ever and can take only a few minutes with the help of this tool.


2021 Ford Bronco Hoist-A-Top vs. 2020 Jeep Wrangler

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bronco hoist a top

Are the jeep wrangler and the ford bronco hoist a top very similar vehicles? Well, in some ways they might be. Let’s find out how each vehicle is different from each other and what are some things they have in common? I will compare the prices, interior design, off road performance and other features. 

Price Of Each Vehicle

The ford bronco and the jeep wrangler seem to be very similar as far as how much they both cost. The price of the 2021 Ford Bronco, which is a two door model starts around $28,500, which is a little bit higher than the Jeep Wrangler, which costs $28,300. There are different models of the ford bronco that are four doors and the starting price for that model starts around $33,200.

Interior And Technology

Jeep Wrangler

These two vehicles have been found to have very similar interior designs. The jeep wrangler comes designed with a five inch touch screen, but it doesn’t come with Android or Apple car play, you would have to pay extra to have the upgrade. The jeep wrangler SUV also comes with waterproof floors as well as drain plugs. The two-door Jeep wrangler model can seat as many as four people and the four-door model can seat one more than the two doors. 

Ford Bronco

The 2021 Ford Bronco hoist a top shows more features than the jeep wrangler. The 2021 Bronco comes with a built-in SYNC system as well as an eight inch touch screen. This vehicle also comes with waterproof floors and drain plugs. The two door model comes with 4 seats and can seat 4 people comfortably and the four door model comes with 5 seats and can seat five people comfortably.

Engine And Performance

Next, I will talk about the engines and the performance of each vehicle. The jeep wrangler features about 285 horsepower and a V6 engine, while the ford bronco features 270 horsepower and a four cylinder. Each of the vehicles comes with an option of having an engine upgrade. With the new ford bronco you have the option to upgrade the horsepower up to 310 and a V6, and the jeep wrangler doesn’t offer the option to upgrade the horsepower. As far as the transmission the ford bronco has better options. You are able to choose between ten speed or seven speed. The seven speed is a manual and the ten speed is an automatic. The jeep wrangler vehicle only comes with a six speed or an eight speed.

Off Road Performance Comparison

The ford bronco hoist a top and the jeep wrangler have many of the same features when it comes to off roading performance. The ford bronco two door model comes with an approach angle of up to 35 degrees, and the wrangler is 41 degrees.

While both of the vehicles have many cool features that they offer, people can’t help to get much more excited about the new 2021 Ford Bronco. This vehicle provides so many great features, technology as well as high horsepower. Plus, also the new 2021 model comes with a feature where you are able to remove the top. People love this feature especially when it comes to camping and off-roading in the summer.


Get Jeep Top Hoist and Prevent Straining Your Back or Damaging Your Body

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Tired of hurting your back each time you remove the top from your Jeep? There is jeep top hoist available in different types that helps you in causing less strain to your body.

Facing the truth is that taking off the Jeep top is a pain. They are impossible to remove as they are heavy. It cannot be handled by one person, while it gets damaged easily. It is annoying to have more garage space to store the Jeeps hardtop once there is no need for the hardtop.

The only solution to these problems is simple. Get a jeep top hoist made for Jeep hardtops. They are easy for a single person to handle and you can store it conveniently in the air.

Hardware to remove Jeep top easily

A good jeep hardtop hoist allows you to go in your Jeep Wrangler without the jeep top and you do not need another person to help you in lifting. However, even having a good lift if the steps to follow are more, placing the top off or placing it back, both are annoying and time-consuming.

The simplest way is to replace them with good jeep top hoist, nut kit, and jeep hardtop screw. These are handy fasters to handle the hardware that allows us to remove or replace the stock hardware quickly. You can do this without the need for other tools.

Removal of jeep hardtop

Removing the Jeep Wrangler hardtop is a simple process. But there is a need for four hands. It is not easy for one person or two hands to do it. Two hands or one person can remove the jeep hardtop if there is the right type of jeep top hoist. Regardless of the Jeep type, you have TJ, YK, JL, or JK, and the jeep hoist handling process is the same. Of course, the 4-door model may include a few extra steps.

The Newest and Perhaps Final Sign

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signThe newest sign is up and reads, “TREATMENT IS NOW COMPLETE! STAND TALL & CONTINUE YOUR JOURNEY WITH FAITH, HOPE & ALL OUR LOVE!” At the bottom of the sign is a smiley face. Does this mean that there will be no more signs to follow?


SM : I cannot say that. The sign thing really took me by storm. It is encoded within my DNA at this point. I seriously can not picture myself never ever posting another sign on my front porch.


Maybe you could start something new? The treatment is over after all. Perhaps you could open your own sign shop?


SM : I don’t think so. I am sixty years old and retired. I am financially set for life. I don’t want to open up a business at my age.


Do you think Susan appreciated the signs you have been posting on your front porch?


SM : Of course she does! What a silly question. Why do you ask?


Well, I hate to burst your bubble but I have spoken to a few people in the neighborhood who have expressed that your signs make them uncomfortable.


SM : That’s ridiculous. Everybody loves my signs. The amount of effort I put into them combined with the positive sentiments… What’s not to like?


Maybe some people felt that Susan wanted to maintain a certain level of privacy concerning her illness. The intent behind the signs shop Salt Lake City was clearly well meaning. However, their public display made the whole thing, well, public.


SM : You people are being hyper-critical. Can’t a neighbor do something nice for another neighbor?


See, this is part of the reason this whole episode was awkward. People did not want to tell you this because they were afraid of exactly this reaction.


SM : And so you waited until now to tell me? You waited until I posted the very last sign?


So it is the final sign?

A Conversation with a Sign

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2-online-marketingTell me, what is it like to be a sign?


S : Life for signs shop Salt Lake City is not that interesting from the standpoint of action. We don’t physically do all that much. However, it is interesting from a sort of Zen perspective that by doing nothing we actually do quite a lot.


I don’t understand.


S : Of course you don’t. Let me see if I can phrase this another way. Signs and banners created by a sign shop when they are performing their function do not move. They do not move (generally speaking) because it makes them easier to see. And by not moving and thus being easier to see they are more effectively conveying their message.


So it is by doing nothing (that is, standing still) that signs do what they are designed to do which is to convey the content of their message.


S : Precisely!


Do you find satisfaction in that?


S : Certainly. As a human your mind is structured in a more complicated way. There are layers of motivations and competing concerns. However, the mind of a sign is as simple as it appears. We need only perform our function well to achieve satisfaction. That is enough for us.


That sounds nice because it is simple and direct.


S : Indeed. Complication for the sake of complication is a highly overrated quality of the human consciousness.


I’m not so sure that the human consciousness is complicated for the sake of complication by nature. I think perhaps that is more a byproduct of our modern times.


S : So it’s a maladaptive behavior of some sort.


Maybe. In truth I have not fully thought this line of reasoning through but it seems right to me.


S : That’s fine. We can leave it at that for now until the next time that we have the occasion to speak to one another.

A Well Meaning Bachelor and an Unfortunate Neighbor

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SThe latest of the sign shop Salt Lake City displayed by my neighbor reads, “YOU’VE GOT FRIENDS… SUSAN & LOTS OF THEM.” By way of background, I have never actually met this neighbor but I am friendly with other people who live near his house. Apparently he is a bachelor in his fifties or sixties. His lawn is expertly manicured and his house appears to be in very good repair. The “Susan” referred to on his sign apparently is a woman who lives across the street from him and who happens to be suffering from a health affliction the nature of which I am uncertain about but I suspect it to be along the lines of cancer. The signs this neighbor displays are intended to cheer her up.  However, it is my impression that they are somewhat embarrassing and uncomfortable for his surrounding neighbors.


What makes his sign shopso uncomfortable is that the intention behind them comes from a place of positivity. In other words they are designed to make the world a better place by putting forth a positive message of encouragement for this unfortunate Susan. This makes it uncomfortable because they are in some ways creating the opposite effect than the one intended. Moreover, because the intent behind them is a positive one it is difficult to approach this well meaning bachelor and tell him that his displays make people uncomfortable.
Such is the nature and power that inherently resides within the infinite capacity of a sign or banner. Essentially it is a blank canvass upon which can be displayed an infinite number of messages. Sometimes these messages can have a positive effect upon its intended audience. Sometimes (although a positive effect is intended) they can have a negative effect as appears to be the case between this well meaning bachelor and his unfortunate neighbor named Susan.

Vehicle Wraps Salt Lake City

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Tire winterization is an age-old process that vehicle owners have been performing on their tires since automobiles were invented. One of the most common forms of tire winterization to prevent car repair is tire chains or tire chaining.Tire chaining is a relatively simple process. Snow chains that look like netting are affixed to the front tires on a front-wheel drive vehicle or all tires on a four-wheel drive. Generally, the snow chains are sold in pairs and need to be purchased according to the size of the tire.

Snow chains are extremely helpful in winter weather conditions. When driving through snow and ice, tires without chains can slip and have difficulty finding traction. Once a vehicle owner puts chains on their tires, they will notice that the car will handle better in extreme conditions. The tires will immediately find traction.There are some common mistakes when it comes to snow chain installation and upkeep. Most vehicle owners do not understand that the tire chain will fail to work well if not affixed tightly. The chain should be checked occasionally to make sure it is the right tightness. If it is too loose, it could come off and damage your vehicle or wrap itself around your axle. Loose chains can cause you to require car repair.

Also, a common misunderstanding involves the driving speed. When your car is fitted with tire chains, or snow chains, you should not drive over 30 mph. The maximum speed the tire chains can manage varies from product to product. However, it is important to know that there is a maximum speed to follow when you have tire chains. For example, you will have to avoid highway speeds.

Owners should also avoid driving on dry roads with snow chains. Of course, it is not entirely possible to avoid dry road driving all together. It is merely ideal to only use the chains if you will be driving predominately on wet, snowy and icy roads.Research the different forms of tire chains. There are many different types from diamond and link chains to a type of fabric called a snow sock that fits over the tire. Do a little research to find out which style is best for your vehicle and the climate that you will be driving in. You may find that the traditional snow chain is not the best choice for you.

Tire chains aren’t the only way to prevent winter car repair. There are other choices when it comes to winterizing your tires for heavy snow driving or driving during inclement weather. You can have snow tires installed on your vehicle. Snow tires are tires with deep or heavy grooves built into the tire. These tires generally have better traction than regular tires because the deep grooves allow the tire to grab the snow.

Salt Lake City Used Car Dealership Pointers

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form-test-driveBuying used cars Salt Lake City is not as easy as it would seem at first blush. The first thing a potential buyer of a used car must do is find a reputable dealer of used cars. In the age of the internet it is easy enough to research the used car dealers in any particular geographical location. A potential used car buyer could choose to buy a car from a private seller but these transactions are not without risk. For example, a private seller could sell a buyer a lemon of a car and then refuse to reimburse the buyer after the quality of the vehicle purchased is made known. Even if the buyer chooses to sue the seller of the lemon in civil court this will be a costly process with no guarantee that a successful judgment is satisfied.


Once the potential buyer has found a reputable dealer who passes the internet research test he must then make the journey to the used car dealerships in Salt Lake City. This is when the real fun begins because the potential buyer of a used car now has to deal face to face with a used car salesman. Now, used car salesmen (or saleswomen) do not have the best reputations in the world. This (shall we say) blemished reputation certainly does not apply to all used car sales people across the board. On the other hand, the reputation did not come out of thin air either. Hopefully if the potential used car buyer has done his or her research thoroughly then he or she will be dealing with a reputable used car salesman or saleswoman.


There are many used cars Utah for people to purchase. When buying a used car a potential buyer can always request a vehicle history from the used car seller. With a well researched used car dealership and a vehicle history report the used car buyer should be in a good position to make a great deal.

Are Vehicle Wraps Utah a Worthwhile Investment?

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Most probably, you’ve come across vehicle wraps in your locale advertising their companies or other businesses. You might have wondered whether it’d be applicable in or make sense for your company too. If you’d ask me, I’ll say, “definitely!”

What’s a Vehicle Wrap?

Basically, this is a digitally-printed mobile billboard that’s professionally installed on your vehicle. A vehicle wrap can encompass the whole vehicle or just a portion, including the windows, and makes use of eye-catching graphics. These wraps are made from heavy duty vinyl. Typically, they last 3-5 years.

Large Companies and Businesses

Vehicle wraps are an advertising means commonly used by large corporations and businesses. They’re more common with franchises which are suitably large to maintain vehicle fleets.

Small-scale Businesses

Vehicle advertising is perfect for any business size, not just large ones. Small businesses can also adopt vehicle advertising as it’d help market their brand out where potential clients can see them. In fact, when a small business makes use of vehicle wraps, it places them on the same field as large companies.

Vehicle wraps have had significant impact on the business advertising world. Even better, the costs of materials have gone down, better graphics have been conceived and application processes have allowed for creative applications. Vehicle wraps have proven to increase business sales by a considerable margin.

Here’s how vehicle wraps will improve your business or company:

1. Cost-Effective Advertising

Vehicle wraps Utah have proven to be among the most cost effective strategies to reach wider target audience. Consider the number of people that will see one of your vehicles in a day. Definitely, this number is way beyond what you’d expect. This automatically outdoes other advertising methods where you’re limited in whom your advertising efforts reach.

2. Project a Professional Image

Vehicle wrapping is a great way to strengthen your brand identity. It gives your firm a professional image. Your car, van or truck graphics can be as spectacular as you wish as photographic images create virtually any design or look. What’d it say about your company when you’ve tired-looking vehicles on the road?

3. No Need for Additional Sales Staff

I state this with a caveat. Most business today demand that sales representatives have college degrees and that they offer innovative ideas to their advertising strategies. All these requirements come at a cost- a considerable one in fact. Using vehicle wraps to advertise your brand requires less advertising staff as you’ll have a salesperson working with each of your vehicles.

4. Cost

Why spend lots of money for a few minutes on television or radio for an ad which will soon be forgotten? Highway billboards are also costly and only effective for the area they’re located in. Vehicle wraps are inarguably the most effective. They turn your vehicle into a moving billboard, advertising with a detailed message and an eye-catching design. Considering how much these wraps can last and their installation costs, you’ll have saved a huge deal of money that you can invest elsewhere.

Vehicle Wraps Utah

We’re yet to hear a client who claims that wrapping their vehicles had no effect on their business. All we’ve been hearing are stories about how businesses sales are drastically increasing. Combining all the factors above implies a wider audience reach, meaning more sales leads. Sales leads automatically translate to more sales and higher revenues.

Wrap installations have low chances of failing and are quite easy. Invest in a top notch design, and make use of an experienced firm to produce and install your desired wrap. Vehicles of all sizes can be wrapped. You may consider asking for a warranty. This can be the most efficient and effective means of out-of-home advertising.

Vehicle Wraps

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Did you know that 68% of consumers believe a company’s signage is a reflection of the quality of its products or services? And that more than a half of consumers are less willing to enter a store with a misspelled or poorly designed logo?

A vehicle wraps Salt Lake City company should understand the true power that Signage and graphics holds over the success of your business. Reason why we work with PR companies, professional firms and Brick and Mortar shops all over Salt Lake City to create high-impact signage and visual messaging. Best of all, we know that you deserve a premium experience which gives your investment the return that it deserves, so give us a call today and enjoy superior signage and graphic services from the best sign shop Lake City has to offer.

Other Services Offered by Vehicle Wrap Companies


Everyone loves banners for their low cost, big marketing impact and versatility. We produce exquisite, full-color banners at any budget.

Vehicle Wraps

Whether you prefer 3-D designs, want to have vinyl perf added to some of the windows or want a full vehicle wrap, we’ll get the job done. We’ll show off your company’s name and logo in the best light, in fact, you’ll never have to explain ‘what you do’ when you’re in your business vehicle.

Trade Show Graphics

From table-top displays to backdrop banners, we have what it takes to create brilliant Trade Show graphics that attract clients to your booth. Needless to say, we have created effective trade show graphics for thousands of trade show booths and we know that you will be our next happy client.

Signage Services

We are proud to introduce you to our highly specialized signs that include custom hand lettering, logo designs, wall murals and luxury dimensional signs. Call us and we’ll turn the outside of your store into a branding message.

Custom Graphics

Do you want to get excellent marketing exposure while maintaining brand consistency across your print campaigns? A vehicle wraps company has just the right solution for you. Our highly trained team of specialists can create high-quality graphics for your boats, businesses, and recreational vehicles.

We guarantee we’ll make you happy.